07 March 2016


The  Abyss of the Human Consciousness
Calls Forth Itself at Best

HU-The Zikr

[NOTE: (Plural) Elohim = (Plural) Allah
Singular = Elohu, Allahu, Hallelujah ]

J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) never lost a bet at the horse races because his friends in organized crime made sure he did not. These were President Reagan's friends too, who made sure he never lost an election.  Wise Hermits consider both to be counter-revolutionary anti-Americans.

Call it Maya.  Call it Dysfunction.  Call it Chaos.  Call it Murphy's Law.  Call it Epistemology.  Call it Anarchy. 

"Propaganda works best
when those who are being manipulated
are confident that they are acting of their free
will." --Joseph Goebbels
Minister of Public Enlightenment (National Socialist)

A trap is a trap.

Our Universe is curved and the mind cannot know itself without the grace of the absolute to provide it a Gestalt answer to the next paradox: an answer absolute, sui generis of every polarity.

When the desire to go home becomes greater than
our infatuation with polarized mirror images, the hound of heaven howls.

Relentless the pursuit becomes then, to unit heart, and mind with the essence of the eternal source.

Imagination and desire work hand in hand to re-establish the union without the need to give up the human machine.

Explore the tabs.
Your life is your own.
Do with it as you may.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Last Day
(David August Revision)

Belief is an art.
Read the pictures.
Visualize yours.
Every work is an original.